The Cannabis plant has been known for centuries for the medicinal properties of its extracts. As extensive research into its effectiveness as a beneficial therapy for treating chronic diseases or other medical conditions rapidly advances, an interesting approach has been developed to isolate pure fractions of Cannabinoids using Fast Centrifugal Partitioning Chromatography (FCPC).
The process was optimized for methanol extracts containing a mixture of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG) and respective isomers. Due to the selective partitioning nature and discrete stage-wise operation of the FCPC device, pure fractions of the constituents with very similar molecular structures can be obtained in semi-preparative, preparative, and production quantities.

Kromaton FCPC® Technology

  •  99% Pure milligrams, grams or kg/day of desired compounds
  •  No Packing material like silica or polymers used in HPLC
  • Complete Recovery with no loss of compounds by adsorption
  • Flexible Liquid/Liquid based technology, ascending, descending modes of operation
  • Selective Isolation using different solvent ranges

The FCPC® is an analytical, semi preparative, and preparative scale chromatograph for the
fractionation and purification of a wide range of compounds including:

  • Natural Products
  • Synthetic Products
  • Biological & Botanical Matrices
  • Pharmaceuticals

FCPC Features

  • Complete sample recovery
  • No solid-phase chromatographic material required
  • Low solvent consumption
  • Many aqueous-2-phase systems possible
  • FCPC stations can be run with unlimited combinations of solvent systems to separate either non-polar,
    polar, or ionic compounds.
  •  High versatility

FCPC Advantages

  • Flexible Operations
    – 3 versatile standard rotor sizes
    – optimized cell designs
    – easily integrated set of peripherals
  • Robust and reliable industrial design
    – all stainless steel industrial components
    – heavy duty design with safety interlocks
    – quiet operation
  • User friendly
  • Simple access to rotor with convenient interchangeability of rotors