Innovative Company in Supercritical Fluid Technology


SFE Process design and build high pressure equipment for supercritical fluids application up to 1000 bar, ensure full after-sales service and manage R&D programs for continuous support to customers in their success.
Thanks to the trust from our customers on our technology and knowledge in supercritical fluids process, SFE Process is now well established, and is under a continuous and fast development.

Our team has major experience on supercritical fluids equipment design and operation thanks to members who worked for many years as engineers in this field.


SFE Process has the depth of knowledge to revolutionize processes and change industries in order to create affordable high-pressure equipment. Its aim is to challenge the status-quo of the supercritical fluids technology by designing innovative, simple-to-use and reliable equipment for any process. SFE Process proposes an entire range of affordable and key high-pressure components especially dedicated to supercritical fluids process.
With the easy-to-use systems from SFE Process, greening and improving your process has never been more attainable.


Most of customers from former competitor already trust in the reactivity and support of SFE Process for the after sales service, maintenance and training on all equipment operated for production and R&D, and for all coming projects.


• Liquid CO2 pump

• Supercritical CO2 circulation pump

• Pump for solution containing particles

• SFELab 50 ml for enzymatic reaction

• SFElab 1L sas @1000 bar

• SFElab 100ml extraction with Ultra-sonic waves, coupled sampling on Agilent HPLC

• SFE-GMP 41L production equipment for extraction in a clean room equipped with stirred basket

• SFElab 1l extraction @700 bar

R&D …

We also share our knowledge with our clients, assisting in process development and innovative project development thanks to our R&D service.


High flowrate liquid CO2 membrane pump for industrial scale equipment (SFELab 2x50L, SFELab 2x100L and more)